Changing The Narrative

Carla 2020 is a three-day digital conference and bring together new visions for diversity & inclusion in the global film & TV industry.

Carla 2020 will unpack power structures, give space to unheard voices and celebrate activism in its various forms. We will foreground listening, sharing and constructive discussions. You will leave with new tools, strategies and inspiration to implement in your country of origin.

During the fully digital three-day symposium the international film ecosystem will convene: film professionals, researchers, public officials, film school representatives, studio and broadcast executives, financiers, journalists and activists will come together in conversations, roundtables, networking and we will hear keynotes, speeches and research reports and be able to participate in workshops and speed networking. 

The mission of Carla 2020 is to generate a deeper understanding of the power and impact of our industry on cultural progress. Reaching beyond the work of film festivals and industry events, Carla 2020 will focus on systemic change and personal growth of all players in the industry.  

Carla 2020 will not solve all the problems. It won’t answer all questions. It will not cover all existing issues. 

We will, however, do what we can to listen actively, give space and converge knowledge, visions and solidarities.


Helene Granqvist, Conference Director & President of WIFT International

Regina Mosch, Programme Co-Director 



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