Portrait Anne Choma

Anne Choma




Meet the gamechangers. From the microcosm of film sets to global movements, we will explore the moments when people reject the current reality. What do we really need to change in order for a genuine cultural shift to happen? How has intimacy coordination changed the way we look at safety and transparency on set? How do we battle existing toxic structures?


Anne Choma is the author of “Gentleman Jack: The Real Anne Lister”, the official companion book to the 2019 BBC/HBO drama ‘Gentleman Jack‘.

She first began reading and transcribing Lister’s diaries in 1992, going on to do further research as as a post grad student at the University of Leeds in 1994.

In her capacity as lead consultant to Sally Wainwright on the drama, Anne continues to play an important role in driving global attention to Lister’s extraordinary life and work. Anne was recently listed in the top 100 Pride Power List of 2020.