Portrait Anne Lajla Utsi

Anne Lajla Utsi

Managing director

Sami, Norway


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Anne Lajla Utsi belongs to the Sami people and she is based in the Sami village Kautokeino in Norway above the Arctic Circle, where she has served as managing director for the International Sami Film Institute (ISFI) since 2009.

She was one of the founders of the Institute and has a background as director. Utsi has through the ISFI guided a new generation of Sami filmmakers and the International Sami Film Institute represents a watershed in Sami film production and the production has increased with 46 percent in this period with 67 percent women directors.

ISFI has also initiated several international collaborations between indigenous filmmakers such as the Arctic Film Circle, Arctic Chills and the establishment of Arctic Indigenous Film fund, where Utsi is a member of the board.