Portrait Bazeli Mbo

Bazeli Mbo

Communicator & Founder, Ekila Entertainment

Telling African Stories: Power, History, Demand and Finance

An exploration of the growth and impact of the African film and TV industry, as African content gets more attention globally. A conversation with key people responsible for this shift, are within the shift, and are navigating the shift through current and future strategies.


Passionate about the world of entertainment and media, Bazeli Mbo has been evolving in the TV industry for over ten years by working with the major TV channels and platforms around the world.

A graduate of a major business school with a specialization in communication, Bazeli combines her passion and expertise by launching in 2015 her webzine/blog Ekila Entertainment, and the same year she founded her communication agency Ekila Agency.

Communications and media expert, content creator, event organizer, speaker, mistress of ceremonies and host, Bazeli gathers all her talents to do what she knows best, inform, entertain, and inspire.