Portrait Guetty Felin

Guetty Felin




With a myriad of filmmakers from around the world, we will explore where power lies and how power can be shared when we start to understand our past and present. We will talk about decolonisation, restorative storytelling and the struggle to find your own place.


Guetty Felin is a Haitian-American filmmaker who has shared her life between America, Haiti and France. Her sensibility, vision and cinematic language have been highly influenced and shaped by her life experience in all three countries. She fell in love with cinema at a very early age at the drive-ins in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and today, after several decades, a few documentaries, some fiction shorts, three narrative screenplays, and a couple of beautiful babies later, cinema is an organic part of who she is.

Cinema is how she engages the world around herself, how she denounce social and political injustice, explores haunting themes such as memory, exile, foreignness, and the unending search for home, while interconnecting our common global humanities.

Her filmography includes Uptown, Hal Singer Keep The Music Going, Telling Our Stories, Thérèse, Obama, Closer to the Dream, Broken Stones, Ayiti Mon Amour.

Guetty is also co-director of a series of videos and portraits of Haitian artists for the unprecedented exhibition at The Grand Palais in Paris, Haïti deux Siècles de Création Artistique. Ayiti Mon Amour (Official selection, TIFF 2016) was significantly the first Haitian film to be in the running for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. 

Guetty also has in the works feature narratives in development: A Rooster On The Fire Escape, The Last Mission, Once Upon Three Times.