Portrait Heather Rae

Heather Rae

Producer & Director


Keynote Speaker & Panelist

Let’s Talk About Power!

With a myriad of filmmakers from around the world, we will explore where power lies and how power can be shared when we start to understand our past and present. We will talk about decolonisation, restorative storytelling and the struggle to find your own place.


Heather Rae is a film and television producer and narrative change activist. Rae produced Academy Award nominated Frozen River, received the Piaget Producers Award and has been recognized as Variety’s Producer to Watch.

Rae produced Netflix Originals Tallulah starring Ellen Page and Allison Janney and Dude from Blacklist winner Olivia Milch, Sundance highlight The Dry Land starring America Ferrera, and festival darlingI Believe in Unicorns from director Leah Meyerhoff. More recently Rae produced Bull, which premiered in Cannes and Amazon series Outer Range starring Josh Brolin.

As a filmmaker Rae directed the acclaimed documentary Trudell, which tells the story of movement leader and poet, John Trudell. Formerly Rae ran the Native Program at the Sundance Institute and recently Rae began an overall producing deal with Amazon Studios. As a speaker and social critic Rae is working to deepen the dialogue of reconciliation and responsibility in the Americas.