Portrait Olga Chajdas

Olga Chajdas

Director, writer & producer


Activist Speech

To see and change injust norms, we need to look at the world with a multitude of gazes. Queer creatives from around the world will share their worldviews and explain how they are challenging patriarchal and heteronormative structures in their work.

Fireside Speech, How Queer Voices can Change the Narrative


Olga Chajdas has directed for theatre and award winning television series like Edward Albee’s “The goat or who is Sylvia”, “The Deep End” and “The Border”.

Recently her short films “3xLOVE” won Grand Prix at “Distances” Short Film Festival in Dublin and “Morning has broken” were awarded Best Director at Oakland Short Film Festival.

Her feature directorial debut “Nina” won VPRO Big Screen in Rotterdam. She is currently preparing her second feature film.