Portrait Oma Areh

Oma Areh

Communicator & Founder, Wildflower PR and Company


Telling African Stories: Power, History, Demand and Finance

An exploration of the growth and impact of the African film and TV industry, as African content gets more attention globally. A conversation with key people responsible for this shift, are within the shift, and are navigating the shift through current and future strategies.


Ifeoma Jennifer Areh better, known as ‘Oma Areh, is a communications professional and brand builder with a decade’s experience in communications and brand management. She has expertise in developing and managing relevant, engaging and measurably successful integrated communications programs for leading B2C and B2B global brands as well as some of the most influential personalities across the globe.

She has experience across telecoms, government, film, music, food & beverage, fashion & beauty, automotive and start ups. As founder of WildFlower PR & Company, ‘Oma has worked with African and global brands including Globacom, Coca-cola, the ONE campaign, Schlumberger, Chimamanda Adichie, The Lagos State Energy board, the UNODC, Kobo360, The Jamie Oliver Foundation and many more.

Production credits include Primary Health Care crisis in Nigeria, for the ONE Campaign, TV show Mercy’s Menu Season 1.

She has over five award nominations in communication including the ELOY Awards, MAYA Awards and others. She recently led the WildFlower PR team to win the West African Innovation Awards for Corporate Communications Agency of the Year in 2018.