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Themba Bhebhe




Discussion: Lebanon’s New Outlook


After working for almost a decade in international film sales, Themba has been in charge of Diversity & Inclusion at the last three editions of the European Film Market (Berlinale). His work comprises curating and programming a series of events on the market relevance of diversity and inclusion across the EFM’s industry platforms, collaborating on events with other Berlinale-internal and external organizations and knowledge partners.

Since 2019, Themba is also the Indigenous Cinema Coordinator in charge of implementing new outreach strategies for the NATIVe Indigenous Cinema Stand and the NATIVe Fellows Programme at the EFM. At the 2019 Durban FilmMart, Themba spearheaded Engage @ DFM, a series of curated think tank conversations on the pertinent, challenging and multi-faceted questions facing the African film industry. With Themba still on board, Engage has now become an independent project of curated think tank conversations on the African and African diaspora screen industries affiliated to the South African organization STEPS.

Themba is also one of the founding members of the Programmers of Colour Collective (POC2) that aims at creating a conversation around and working towards a more diverse and inclusive programming pool at international film festivals through research, awareness events, networking, profile raising, mentoring and shadowing.