Three Days of Power

Carla 2020 will comprise three days of virtual and digital keynotes, talks, roundtables, practical workshops, case studies and networking sessions with high-profile guests and attendants from all over the world. Find programme highlights below. The full programme will be released on 10th August.

Programming will have daily themes:

What’s Wrong With The World? // featuring opening speeches and research presentations.

Solutions For A New World // featuring keynote speeches, conversations and panel discussions

Call To Action // featuring case studies, workshops, Power Player Roundtables and networking sessions

Bury Old Paradigms!
//Opening Speeches
@Aug 21

With Mo Abudu (Broadcaster & Entrepreneur, EbonyLife, Nigeria), Tabitha Jackson (Director of Sundance Film Festival, US) and Amma Asante (Director, UK)

Let's Talk About Power!
//Series of speeches and conversations
@Aug 22

How can we decolonise structures, narratives and the stories we tell?

With Victoria Thomas (London Film School, UK), Heather Rae (Producer & Activist, US), Danielle Davie (Visual Anthropologist, Lebanon), Liisa Holmberg (The Sami Film Institute) and many more.

Nostradamus Report Special Carla Edition!
//Media Analytical Speech
@Aug 22

With media analyst, broadcaster and experience designer Johanna Koljonen.

Women in International Film
//Virtual Book Launch
@Aug 22

Carla will host the launch of Dr. Susan Liddy's book "Women in the International Film Industry: Policy, Practice and Power." With contributors from 17 countries providing a comprehensive analysis of the scale and impact of gender inequality in industries across the world. 

//Global Networking for WIFT Chapters
@Aug 22

Only in the digital world can we bring together 70 WIFT chapters from around the world!